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Send us impressions of your teeth.

Your $95 Impression Kit gets you everything you need to send us impressions of your teeth; our dental professionals use them to design your treatment.

Doctors design your treatment

Your smile preview is a fully interactive 3D digital model of how your teeth look now, and how they'll move over the course of treatment. Each case is customized by your assigned dental professional.

Aligners delivered at your door

Without ever leaving your home, we'll deliver complete aligner treatment system complete with teeth whitener, and our exclusive HyperByte to get your smile upgraded faster than any other system out there.

Join the Byte Journey.

Straighten your teeth in half the time.

HyperByte, our exclusive dental movement acceleration device, is included with every byte aligner system. Safely straighten your teeth with HFV (high frequency vibration) technology that makes your treatment time more comfortable, and the fastest out there.

Two simple ways to pay.

One-Time Payment

Get started with a simple one-time payment.
*Includes full aligner treatment system*

bytepayTM | $83/mo.

100% approval! Easy monthly payments.
$349 deposit, $83/mo for 29 months.
*Includes full aligner treatment system*

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We accept HSA, FSA and CareCredit. Insurance may also reimburse you for your aligners.

There’s no cost if you dont qualify for byte, we’ll refund you 100% and there is no obligation or commitment if you do. Not only that but your smile is also guaranteed, if at any point after treatment your teeth shift, well fit them again for FREE!

How do we know if you are a good candidate? +

Let’s be real here. You took our online quiz. We think you’ve got a great chance at finding success with byte, but we can’t be 100% sure until we can see your impressions. Our impression kit we send to you will provide us with real impressions that we can see, touch, and analyze. But don’t worry—you’ve got nothing to lose because we’ll refund your impression kit lickety split if your teeth and our aligners are not a match made in heaven.

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Get started with your impression kit today.

We’ll refund you if you don’t qualify, and there is no obligation or commitment if you do.