Our Guarantees To You

Impression Kit Guarantee

Byte’s mission is to make people smile more, every day. One way we make you smile is through our zero-risk impression guarantee. When you buy an Impression Kit, trained dental and orthodontic professionals (the “Team”) use cutting-edge technology to see if they can create a treatment plan that works well for you. If the Team doesn’t feel like they can deliver the results you deserve, we will let you know and refund the price you paid for your Impression Kit.

Aligner Guarantee

To make your smile dreams a reality the Team asks that you please:

  • Wear your aligners every single day for at least as directed.
  • If you are using our HyperByte® product to cut your treatment time by up to 50% you will also need to use it properly for the prescribed 5 minutes a day, every day.
  • Upload photos to your account section at the indicated check-in times. Simply snap a photo while not wearing your aligners of your upper teeth and another of your lower teeth. These are just like the photos you snapped and sent in with your Impression Kit!
  • Keep all of your aligners until your treatment is complete and you have received your retainers. This is necessary because you may be directed to go back to a previous aligner if certain issues arise during your treatment or if you lose or break an aligner.

If at the end of your plan, having followed these guidelines, you aren’t happy contact us so the Team can re-evaluate your results. If your re-evaluation is approved, you may be eligible for additional aligners. Please contact us within 15 days of your original prescribed treatment end date.

What is the Byte for Life Guarantee™

We guarantee your smile for life. That means that we’ll provide additional treatment at no additional cost if your teeth ever move out of alignment for the rest of your life. This guarantee covers any unwanted movement away from your smile once treatment has been completed, and you can show that your treatment plan and retainer use was followed as directed. If your teeth have moved out of alignment, Byte will provide additional Impression Kits, and new alignment treatment plans with aligners to help correct any misalignment issues. Additional HyperByte devices will not be issued.

Teeth covered in this guarantee are the teeth originally involved in your Byte treatment plan, and does not cover any teeth that have been affected by physical outside circumstances, trauma, that are missing, have been affected by any other dental or orthodontic treatment outside of your Byte treatment, or teeth that have changed due to other health reasons.

Permanent retainers will void the Byte for Life Guarantee™.

Teeth may move again after you stop wearing the aligners. Retainers will be required to keep your teeth in their new positions for a lifetime. Your retainer should be worn full – time for 2 weeks and then nightly from then on. You can expect a retainer to last no more than one year, but this can vary greatly from customer to patient. Due to wear and tear we recommend buying new retainers at least once every six months.  In order to qualify for the Byte for Life Guarantee™ you must: 1) purchase retainers from (a) Byte or (b) another source (so long as you keep and show valid proof of purchase on annual basis after your last retainer purchase from Byte.) Proof of purchases from other sources must also be sent to Byte within 45 days of purchase at support@byteme.com and 2) confirm at least once per year that you are actively using your retainers as directed.

Exchanges and Returns

If you receive a product that is damaged let us know by sending an email to support@byteme.com and we will replace it.

For your safety, we do not accept returns. Most products ship the same day they are ordered, or in the case of custom aligners we begin production of your custom aligners as soon as you complete your aligner purchase. Once an order has been placed we cannot accept exchanges, returns or refunds.