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Every byte client benefits from Smile Science, an advanced aesthetic system that lets us design a unique smile for your face only.
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Smile Science? What even is that?

Research shows that people with attractive smiles are perceived to be smarter and more successful. But there’s more to an incredible smile than straight teeth.

Our Chief Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Marashi, has spent years designing smiles for some of Hollywood’s most beautiful faces. He’s developed a unique system that determines the perfect smile for every patient, and byte repeats the process, every time. So no two smiles are alike.

We don’t just straighten your teeth in a cookie-cutter way. We consider the overall proportions of your beautiful face. All those features that make you unique. And then we design a smile that really works with your look, showing balance and symmetry in a subtle, natural way. Smile Science is a brilliant mash-up of aesthetics and science that makes you look and feel your personal best.

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The face behind the smiles.

Meet our smile artist, Dr. Marashi
Have you ever wondered why celebrities look so great when they flash their teeth at the camera? For many of them, the secret weapon is Dr. Jon Marashi.  

Based in Los Angeles, Dr. Marashi focuses on natural aesthetics to produce the most amazing-looking smiles in the entertainment industry. His artistic approach to cosmetic dentistry has won him a fiercely loyal following among actors, musicians, professional athletes and prominent business leaders around the world. His smiles are the kind that make you look like you were born perfect.  

His years of experience and meticulous attention to detail have led to the creation of Smile Science, a byte-exclusive aesthetic system that gives each patient the most naturally beautiful smile for their own specific features.

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