Byte Retainers

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Keep your teeth in place with nighttime retainers. It’s a smart way to protect your investment in your smile.

*Retainers available ONLY with Byte aligner treatment*

The Benefits

  • Stops teeth from shifting and moving out of place.
  • Only wear your retainers at night.
  • Easy to use.

How It Works

  1. Wear your retainers at night to keep your smile in place.
  2. Designed for 6-month wear.

Smiling Reviews


You wear your retainers. This is really important because you want to make sure you keep your teeth in place. For the first two weeks, you’ll need to wear them all the time (except when you eat and drink). After that, you can wear them only while you sleep at night.
Yes, and we’ll provide it for you (in your aligner kit). We don’t recommend using another whitening gel because it could damage your aligners. If you’re going to use something other than BrightByte™, only use a plain, hydrogen peroxide based product, with a concentration of 3.5% and no other active ingredients.
We do not recommend smoking as it causes discoloring, bad breath and an overall unsexy smile.
No. You’ll need to remove your aligners if you’re eating or drinking anything other than plain water.

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