Let's compare

Let's compare.

What's the difference between byte and Smile Direct Club? Quite a bit actually. Take a look and see for yourself the breakdown of byte vs. SDC.
impression kit

free shipping
custom treatment plan
fully interactive 3D model.

free shipping
custom treatment plan
fully interactive 3D model.

aligner system

Down payment optional
Financing $62/36 months =$2,232
Custom designed aligners
BrightByte teeth whitening
HyperByte treatment accelerator
1st set of retainers (Included)

$250 down payment
Financing $85/24 months = $2,290
Custom designed aligners
Teeth whitening
1st set of retainers ($99 Extra)

avg. treatment time
3 months
6 months

Exclusive HyperByte is proven to cut treatment time in half by
properly seating aligners, making tooth movement more accurate
and effective. Included with your aligner system (a $699 value).

Avg. of 6 month treatment time. Pieces of rubber to chew on to seat aligners.

*SDC website June 2019

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byte-For-Life Guarantee
Club Warranty

We guarantee your new smile forever. If at any time after going through your byte treatment and while using your retainers that your smile moves out of alignment, we'll help get it back into alignment at no additional cost. No questions asked.

If at the end of your plan, having followed these guidelines, you haven’t achieved the smile you love, contact us so the dentist or orthodontist can re-evaluate your results. If your re-evaluation is approved, you may be eligible for additional aligners to continue your journey. Don’t forget: You need to notify us within 30 days of completing your smile plan for the warranty to remain valid.

*SDC website June 2019

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treatment technology
smile science
Teeth alignment

Smile Science is our unique facial symmetry process that brings
you a personalized and unique smile to look great with your overall features, and not just your mouth. Invented by byte Chief Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Jon Marashi D.D.S based out of Los Angeles CA.

Information not provided to the public.

customer support
100% u.s.a based
Majority Offshore

All customer support staff is on-shore, 100% based in the USA, and trained by some of the very best in the dental industry.

Majority of customer support located in Alajuela, Costa Rica.

*SDC Career listings & News source

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Only byte.

Only byte has an average treatment time for patients of 3 months

Only byte gives you a free Hyperbyte
with treatment, cutting the time in half.

Only with byte you can finance for
less than $62 per month with $0 down.

byte vs. Smile Direct Club
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