Teeth Aligner Cost Comparison: What's Affordable?

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Table of Contents

  1. AlignerCo Pricing
  2. Smilelove Pricing
  3. SmileDirectClub Pricing
  4. Candid Pricing
  5. Invisalign Pricing
  6. Byte Pricing
  7. Pricing Matters
  8. References

Cost is a major consideration for most consumers. While we wish we could spend as much as we want without consequences, most of us have tight budgets and limited bank accounts that keep us in check. Even when we're shopping for something important like aligners, we must ensure that we're not spending more than we must.

Several companies will compete for your aligner business. To make comparisons easy, we've gathered up all pertinent information on each brand. By the end of this article, you'll understand how much aligners cost, and you'll know which brands provide the best price point.

AlignerCo Pricing

Fast facts about AlignerCo costs:

  • Impression kit: $95
  • Full cost: $1,145
  • Monthly payments: $110 with SmileFlex or $95 after a $275 down payment with SmileFlex Easy
  • Discounts: Yes
  • HSA and FSA payments accepted

AlignerCo's pricing is at the lower end of the spectrum among all the brands we studied. But few perks are included in the final price.

Most companies offer tooth whitening products, treatment accelerators, or other add-ons for the price. Many of those additions are incredibly valuable, and they're well worth the added money. AlignerCo doesn't offer anything like this.

AlignerCo also offers no guarantees. If you're not satisfied with your smile at the end of the program, you can't reach out to the company for a refund or a new set of aligners.

While AlignerCo does offer an incredibly low price, these drawbacks could make some consumers a little nervous.

Smilelove Pricing

Fast facts about Smilelove costs:

  • Impression kit: $250, waived if you pay for the whole treatment plan in advance
  • Full cost: $1,895 for a fast-track package, $1,974 for a kit-first package
  • Monthly payments: $62
  • Discounts: none listed
  • HSA and FSA payments accepted

Smilelove offers a final price that's in line with most other brands. But consumers won't get the best price break without jumping into a full plan, long before they’ve seen how their teeth will look after aligners. If you're not entirely sure if aligners are right for you, this kind of pricing could make you leap before you're ready to do so.

Retainers and a whitening kit are included with an aligner treatment bundle. But the company doesn't offer guarantees. If you're unhappy with your smile after treatment, you have no recourse but to pay for an entire treatment plan again.

Byte is the only major company that offers a results guarantee otherwise they will work with you.

SmileDirectClub Pricing

Fast facts about SmileDirectClub costs:

  • Impression kit: $59, or visit a SmileShop for a free assessment
  • Full cost: $1,950
  • Monthly payments: $89 with a $250 deposit
  • Discounts: Yes
  • HSA and FSA payments accepted

Many of the companies we've profiled use an entirely at-home model. Uniquely, SmileDirectClub offers the option for an in-person assessment. If you'd like to save a bit of money and work with an expert to start the process, you can skip impression kit fees and visit an in-person shop for a free assessment.

Your monthly price covers two different types of aligner plans. One involves aligners worn 22 or more hours per day, and the other involves aligners worn only at night. Retainers aren't included with the cost of aligners, but you will get a tooth whitening kit.

SmileDirectClub does offer a refund policy, but you must trigger it within 30 days of treatment initiation.

Candid Pricing

Fast facts about Candid costs:

  • Impression kit: $95, or visit a Candid Studio for a free assessment
  • Full cost: $2,400
  • Monthly payments: $99 with $399 down
  • Discounts: Yes
  • HSA and FSA payments accepted

Candid costs a bit more than the competition, and few perks are included with your price. You'll get all aligners at once, along with a device you'll use to pull your lips back for checkup photographs. But you won't get retainers or tooth whitening products.

Candid offers a limited guarantee with few details available online. Consumers are told they can request a new plan with more aligners if they're unhappy after treatment. But it's not clear how this process works.

Invisalign Pricing

Fast facts about Invisalign costs:

  • Impression kit: N/A
  • Full cost: varies significantly depending on insurance, up to $5000
  • Monthly payments: varies
  • Discounts: varies
  • HSA and FSA payments vary

Invisalign is administered by independent dental practitioners. Those orthodontists and dentists set their own prices, and they set up their own perks and benefits for their customers. Making sweeping statements about how Invisalign works is hard because your experience and cost may vary depending on the dental team you choose.

Choose Invisalign and you'll also have costs associated with missed work and a commute to a dental office. You'll need to make appointments to visit, and you must go to each one to keep your treatment on track.

Byte Pricing

Fast facts about our costs:

  • Impression kit: $95
  • Full cost: $1,895 for all-day aligners, $2,295 for night-only aligners
  • Monthly payments: $82.97 with $349.78 down for day aligners, $99.56 with $449 down for night-only aligners
  • Discounts available for seniors, veterans, and active members of the military
  • HSA and FSA payments accepted

Our pricing is competitive, and every customer gets something special with aligners. We include HyperByte®, a tool that uses gentle vibrations to seat your teeth within your trays. The buzzing reduces discomfort, and it shortens treatment times dramatically.

You use HyperByte for only 5 minutes per day, but it makes a big difference in your treatment plan. Due to HyperByte, we have one of the shortest treatment times of all major aligner companies.

We also offer a guarantee at Byte. Follow all of our treatment plans carefully, and if you're unhappy with your smile when you're done, let us know. We'll talk with you and craft a plan to address the problem at no charge to you.

We're also the only company that offers discounts for several different types of people. We don't want cost to interfere with anyone's plan for a new smile.

How Much Should Pricing Matter?

Cost-conscious consumers pay attention to fees. But don't stop with a price comparison. A higher fee could come with benefits that are critical to your mouth and your happiness.

Use this analysis to start your research process. But be sure to dig into details about timelines, expertise, and customer satisfaction. This is an important decision, and you're wise to choose carefully.

Disclaimer: This article is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about general oral health topics. It is not intended to serve as dental or other professional health advice and is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of any condition or symptom. You should consult a dentist or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.