Your smile, your schedule: new nighttime wear program.

June 29, 2020

You’re ready to step up your selfie game, but you can’t commit to wearing invisible aligners 22 hours a day. Maybe you can’t give up your favorite snacks, or you don’t have time to brush between cups of coffee. We get it. Which is why we’ve created our nighttime wear program.

Now, your smile journey can fit your unique schedule.

How nighttime wear invisible aligners work.

Wearing your aligners at night is easy. Once you’ve had that last cup of tea or finished your glass of wine just brush, pop them in, and get that HyperByte going. After ten minutes of use (versus five minutes with the all-day wear program), you’ll need to keep your aligners in for ten consecutive hours in order to keep those teeth moving like they should.

Our nighttime program uses the same aligners as our all-day wear—you just use the aligners for fewer hours over a longer period of time. Instead of an average of three months to your new smile, you’d be looking at six months, which is still faster than other brands. A lot faster.

And get this: If you start with the all-day wear program and just can’t make the 22 hours a day work, we can update your aligner schedule at no additional cost.

Nighttime vs. daytime wear. 

Which program is right for you? It depends on why you’re upgrading your smile. If you’ve got a special event that’s just a few months out or if you just want those new selfies now, then daytime wear will get you there in an average of three months (the fastest aligners out there).

Not on a deadline for leveling up your smile? If you’re too busy during the day to keep up with your aligners or just don’t want to have to deal with taking them out and putting them back in between snacks, then nighttime wear may be just what your schedule calls for.

Bonus, our nighttime program takes the same amount of time, on average, as other aligner’s daytime programs.