Byte’s Expert Dental Network.

July 23, 2020

So how do we do it? Byte’s secret sauce is the 200+ licensed dental professionals in our nationwide network. That means no matter what state you live in, Byte has you covered.


Real people, real doctors.

Safe and effective teledentistry requires comprehensive doctor directed care. Byte’s Expert Dental Network combines doctors of dentistry, dental surgery, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry to make sure each and every smile gets the treatment it deserves. On average, Byte’s doctors have 12 years of clear aligner experience! In most cases, they already have their own successful dental practices up and running, but opt to partner with Byte to reach even more patients beyond their local area. It’s a win/win, more healthy smiles across the country, especially for those who may not have had access or affordable options before!


How our doctor directed care works.

1. Initial assessment.

This is step one, our team developed this quiz to quickly assess if you may be a good candidate. It takes less than five minutes and shows you results instantly! Don’t worry, we take everything starting with the quiz seriously, you’re already covered by HIPPA for top notch privacy and security.

2. At-home impressions.

After breezing through the quiz, you’re instantly invited to order the impression kit. This will ship straight to you, for a fun, simple at-home process to make molds of your teeth. Yes, you’ll drool, and it will be funny. It is easy enough to do on your own, and only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. You’ll send your impressions right back to us in the same box, mucho easy!

3. Match with a doctor.

Once we have your dental impressions, this is where the pros take over. First we match you with a licensed orthodontist in your state. Using the quiz information you provided, and your submitted impressions, they confirm if you are indeed a candidate. (If for some reason you don’t qualify, we’ll let you know asap, and REFUND your impression kit cost. We aren’t in the business of taking money, just in the business of improving smiles.)

We only accept patients who are great candidates for teledentistry and clear aligners. This means mild to moderate spacing and crowding, and you meet specific dental health guidelines, so that you can safely use Byte for improving their smile. Think about it, we WANT you to be successful and safe, that’s what this is all about!

4. Expert treatment planning.

Before you even commit to Byte, we keep going and develop your treatment program. Why? Because seeing is believing. So your teledentistry team keeps working their magic behind the scenes on your custom plan:

  • First they scan your impressions and develop an intricate, digital 3D model of your teeth.
  • Using our Dr. Marashi’s Smile Science, (and the selfies you sent us) they create the perfect dental line up that is designed to best compliment your total face symmetry and smile.
  • A series of custom clear aligners are created to get you from your current smile, to that final one. The best part is, that you can actually see this play out on your screen. We’ll send you a link to peek at the week over week changes that will move your teeth exactly where you want them.
  • Have questions? Want something tweaked? Just ask, we’ll get the doctor right on it. Before you accept and commit to your unique treatment plan you are allowed to work through any changes or revisions with the doctor. You should feel 10/10 confident about ordering Byte! Remember, our Lifetime Guarantee means no matter how far down the road, if things start to move again, we will jump back in and make sure you are still smiling.

5. Doctor-directed aligners.

Once you order your custom aligners, they’ll be delivered in one box with everything you need for treatment:

  • Up to 15 weeks of aligners (If your treatment plan requires more, don’t worry, they ship later for free)
  • BrightByte 3-in-1 whitening foam
  • HyperByte, our high frequency vibration tool
  • Aligner case for storage on the go
  • Retainers to keep things in place after treatment is over

But if you have any questions along the way, your care team is ready to jump in and help. Just let us know! Around week 12, as you near the finish line, you’ll check in with us to make sure things are going as planned. If there’s anything you aren’t happy with, we will get our experts on the case and make it right.

Woah, you made it this far.

We are — this stuff gets us jazzed! Not only are we excited, but we have SO MANY happy customers who send us their Byte stories. So if you are still on the fence about whether this is safe and really works, you should definitely take a look at our @mybytejourney Instagram page, or this results page.

There’s just too many success stories for us to talk about here, [pats self on back] ;)