Straighten while you sleep. Meet byte at-night.

Straighten while you sleep. Meet byte at-night.

October 4, 2019

You’re ready to step up your selfie game, but you can’t commit to wearing invisible aligners 22 hours a day. Maybe you can’t give up your favorite snacks, or you don’t have time to brush between cups of coffee. We get it. Which is why we’ve created our nighttime wear program.

Now, your smile journey can fit your unique schedule.

How Nighttime Invisible Aligners Work

byte at night is our new premium straightening system that includes all of the same benefits of our original byte system but requires only 10 consecutive hours of daily wear-time.

Once you’ve had that last cup of tea or finished your glass of wine just brush, pop your aligners in, and get that HyperByte going. After ten minutes of use (versus five minutes with the all-day wear program), you’ll need to keep your aligners in for ten consecutive hours in order to keep those teeth moving like they should. Just put your aligners in at night, and take them out again in the morning when you’re ready to face the world.

Why byte at-night
1. Proprietary Material

Using medical-grade, grind resistant polymer material designed specifically for night-wear, byte at night is able to give you the same results as our All-Day Aligners, but worn for only 10 hours nightly. The laser trimmed BPA-free material is slightly thicker, and when paired with the the HyperByte® makes this the fastest night time treatment available.

2. Fast Results

We've programmed the High-Frequency Vibration of our exclusive HyperByte® device to work specifically with the thicker material of your night aligners to get you done in the same timeframe as our all day wear option!

This means you'll be done in half the time of any other daytime aligner option out there, 70% less time compared to Smile Direct Club's night time aligner option.

3. Convenience

Designed for people with busy lifestyles who can't afford to worry about popping aligners in and out throughout the day. byte at night aligners are designed and manufactured to be worn while you sleep.

It’s Your Choice: Nighttime vs. Daytime Wear

byte At-Night is great if you want to avoid wearing your aligners during your daytime activities. This premium option works its magic while you sleep, allowing you to go about your daytime routine as normal without having to take them out every time you need to eat or drink colored drinks. *Doctor approval required for nighttime wear  

Still the Winner.

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