We're perfectionists

We can’t help it. We believe in never settling.  Not in life, or in looks. Look better, feel better, do better. That’s our mantra.

Can you relate? Good. Because that’s why we created byte. It’s an invisible aligner system that gets you the perfect smile, without the ridiculous costs and endless headaches of going to the orthodontist.

We designed the whole system so you can stay home and get the same professional attention and aesthetic skill as Hollywood celebs. Which leaves more time for you to go out and get what you want in life. Also, we made all of this really affordable, so having a killer smile is not some luxurious goal in your distant future.

Minimal hassle + maximum benefit = happy people winning at life.

That’s what we’re about.

A hollywood smile with Smile Science
We treat your mouth to Smile Science, an exclusive process that our top cosmetic dental professionals use to craft a smile that works beautifully with your features.
Faster results with HyperByte
Cut your treatment time in half with HyperByte. For example, if your treatment time was 6 months, you could be done in 3.
Everyone deserves to smile.
American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
found that teeth were the number one targeted physical
feature to increase a child’s chance of being bullied

Our goal is to build confidence, inside and out. And make everyone happy by loving themselves and others. The byte foundation is being created to support Anti-Bullying.

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